Sports Awards and Recognition

Our sports foyer contains a photographic honour board of our outstanding athletes. Secondary school students who are selected in Queensland School Sports Association teams are eligible for the Queensland honour board. The Australian honour board recognizes students who have been selected to represent Australia in their sport, in either school or club sport.

As part of our commitment to recognize the achievement of students in the sporting field, any student who meets the criteria below, will have opportunity to be considered for the following sporting awards:


School – Sports Person of the Year 

Senior School: 1 male, 1 female from Years 11-12  Junior School: 1 male, 1 female from Years 5-6

Year level – Sports Person of the Year

1 male, 1 female from each year level from Years 4-12

Gold Award of Excellence

Unlimited number available for each sport

Silver Award of Excellence

Unlimited number available for each sport

Bronze Award of Excellence

Unlimited number available for each sport

NB:    Except in exceptional circumstances, awards will only be tied to sports directly linked to school representation and run under the auspices of the Queensland Schools Sports Association, or our APS association. The reason for insisting sports be run by QSSSA or APS is to ensure selection quality control. A large number of sports associations run events for schools nominally called “State or National Schools titles”. These events are usually direct nomination and therefore do not have the selection quality control that the usual, School – District – Regional – State – National, sequence imposes.

Students who compete in sports not covered by the school system, i.e. equestrian, cycling, gymnastics, rowing etc. may make special application to the awards committee to be considered for a Special Recognition award. In general, a student must be a Queensland or National representative to be acknowledged. Students must submit a nomination form to be considered for this category.