School Overview

Emmanuel College is a co-educational, multi-denominational school with just over 1 600 students, valued by the Gold Coast community for our strong commitment to achieving educational excellence within a framework of thoughtful, intelligent and vibrant Christian faith.

As a Christian College we ensure that:

  • Our teachers are committed Christians from a wide range of churches and denominations
  • Our students are taught in an environment which emphasises Christian values and prepares them for living with integrity and high standards within all areas of their lives
  • Throughout their Emmanuel career, each student completes a Christian Education subject, teaching the foundations of the Christian faith
  • We provide opportunities for Christian service and mission for students who wish to explore their faith on a deeper level.

Our Vision

A caring Christian community inspiring intelligent, hopeful engagement with our world.


Because the world needs people of good character who pursue truth.

Strategic Pillars

The Emmanuel Crest

The components of our College Crest represent our dedication to the Christian faith.

The Shield
Faith as the prerequisite to all learning and for the believer's protection.

The Cross
Central to the College Crest and central to God's plan of redemption. The starting point of Christian Education.

The Crown
The Lordship of the living Christ, the Lordship He seeks in the total life and learning of each student and the rewards that come from Him to every faithful follower.

The Bible
The Word of God, the underlying basis for Emmanuel education; revealing Christ as Alpha and Omega, the beginning and ending of that education.

The Stars
The Southern Cross - an Australian venture for Christ and a love of our nation.

The Motto
"To Know - To Serve" - suggesting that knowledge is only properly used in the service of God.

The Compass

The Compass represents the essential character traits to help students find the best direction for their lives. As a part of the Emmanuel College community, students will share in this journey as they work towards becoming an Emmanuel graduate.

The Emmanuel Graduate ought to be: A compassionate human being, unafraid to be, competent and willing to navigate life using their moral compass to make wise and just choices; a strategic participant in a global setting, a person of faith and integrity, aware of an eternal destiny.

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