Academic Scholarships are offered to students commencing in Years 7 and 10. A limited number of scholarships are awarded and in most cases, scholarships awarded are for 25% or 50% remission of tuition fees. To retain an academic scholarship, students are required to maintain high academic results and meet the College's expectations in conduct and effort.

Students not currently enrolled who are being considered for a scholarship will need to follow the enrolment process.

Please note: An application for a scholarship will not guarantee an interview.

Applications for Academic Scholarships for 2024 are now closed.

Academic Scholarships for Year 7 or Year 10 2024

To apply for an Academic Scholarship for Year 7 or Year 10 in 2024, please register via the link below:

Students not currently enrolled at Emmanuel College must also complete the online Application for Enrolment form below (if not previously submitted). 

Examinations will be held on Saturday 4 February 2023.

Registrations are now closed.


Music Scholarships are offered to students commencing in Year 7 and Year 10 and are reviewed yearly.

Pre-requisites for Music Scholarship Auditions

Students who perform on their chosen instrument including voice at an exceptional level for their age will be considered firstly. The minimum AMEB or equivalent level, or relative ability, to be chosen to sit for a scholarship audition for entry into Year 7 or 8 is as follows:-

  • Piano                                 Grade 5 AMEB or equivalent level
  • Band instruments              Grade 3 AMEB or equivalent level
  • Violin, viola, cello              Grade 3 AMEB or equivalent level
  • Double bass                      Grade 3 AMEB or equivalent level
  • Voice                                 Grade 2 AMEB or equivalent level
  • Guitar, drum kit                 Grade 4 AMEB or equivalent level

For students in Year 9 to Year 12, the addition of one Music Grade per year level will give an appropriate level for the consideration of an audition offer.

Students with particular gifting or ability, who do not fall into the categories above, should contact the Music Performance coordinator to discuss the possibility of an audition.

Applications for Music Scholarship Auditions for 2024 are now closed.

To apply for a Music Scholarship Audition please register via the link below:

Students not currently enrolled at Emmanuel College must also complete the online Application for Enrolment form below (if not previously submitted) .

Auditions for Music Scholarships will take place on Saturday 4 February 2023. 


Each year the school makes available to high achieving sporting students, a limited number of sporting bursaries. The number of these has varied from year to year, but has generally been between 5-10. For perspective, over the past 5 years there have been consistently over 40 students selected each year in Queensland or Australian teams, therefore the benchmark to receive a sporting bursary is very high.

In general, the criteria to be considered is:

  • National level performance in a sport that is part of our recognised program.
  • Demonstrated commitment and respect to and for the ethos of the school, generally over a period of time.
  • Be part of the Senior School - Year 7 upwards.


  • All currently enrolled students are considered by a selection panel in November each year. Individuals sporting performances, behaviour, class work and attitude are all considered. Offers are then made to selected students for a period of one year only. Parents may, if they wish, present to the Director of Sport each October a detailed summary of a child’s achievements that can be taken to the committee for consideration.   
  • New students to the school may make application to be considered for a bursary at their enrolment interview. However, typically, any scholarship offered to a new student would initially be on a provisional basis, to be reviewed after the first semester.
  • Emmanuel athletes, who are offered inducement to move to another school, should always talk to the Director of Sport or Principal before accepting such an offer, especially if wishing to remain at Emmanuel.