At Emmanuel College we offer a wide range of free academic tutoring opportunities for our students at lunch-time in the core subject areas and as part of our regular Academic Curriculum delivery.

Families are encouraged to investigate these opportunities with Heads of Subject and/or Curriculum leaders before considering the extra-curricular services described below.

Extra-curricular Tutoring

There are two options for families seeking extra-curricular academic tutoring:

  • Option 1 :  Academic Tutoring by Emmanuel College teachers
  • Option 2 :  'Academic Personal Training' by A Team Tuition

The founder and CEO of A Team Tuition, Hayden McEvoy, graduated from Emmanuel in 2010. Many students have been tutored by A Team and achieved exceptional outcomes. Read a few of their stories here...

Students realises his potential that was there all the time.

Year 11 Student goes from a C to an A in just 6 months

Year 8 Student implements valuable strategies with great rewards