Governance and Policies


Emmanuel College, ABN 71 010 563 256, is a non-profit public company endorsed by the ATO (Australian Taxation Office) as a Charitable Institution. The company's financial reports are audited annually and it reports annually to ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission).  

The company is not linked to any church, nor to any other body. It is completely independent but its educational purposes and mission are unapologetically Christian, based on a Statement of Faith which reflects the beliefs of all the major Christian denominations, both Protestant and Catholic.

The company has a broad based membership of Christian people actively and regularly involved in the life of their own local church. Members are drawn from College families, former students and others who have a keen praying interest in the life of the College. The members appoint a Board of Directors from the Company membership to oversee the Governance of the company and the College. In addition to their legal duties, the Board of Directors are accountable to the members.

The Board of Directors employs the Principal and other members of the Executive Team who, in turn, manage the employment of other staff and manage the day to day operations of the company and the College.


Emmanuel College Policies are available to all current parents and prospective parents.