From the Principal

Welcome to Emmanuel College!

Our co-educational, multi-denominational Christian school is located on Queensland’s beautiful Gold Coast with a beautiful, safe campus featuring stunning facilities to enhance learning, inspire creativity and motivate students.  We serve a community of 1,650 students and their families through our strong commitment to achieving educational excellence within a framework of thoughtful, intelligent, and vibrant Christian faith.

Our vision is to enable every student to develop the character, skills, courage and desire to effect change for the good; to grow leaders with a global vision, who take Christ into their everyday life; and to change the world, one student at a time. Our developing thoughtful and analytical young people are encouraged to examine the Christian faith carefully and our Emmanuel Compass represents the eight essential character traits we believe are required to help students find the best direction for their lives i.e. Faith, Hope, Compassion, Justice, Self-control, Courage, Integrity and Wisdom. Emmanuel College staff are committed to embedding these essential character traits across our curriculum and in our co-curricular programs. We intend for our students both to be directly aware of, and subject to, the cumulative effect of years of practice of these character traits.

We seek excellence in all we do and annually achieve outstanding results in academics, the creative arts, and sports. As well as being amongst the region’s top schools in terms of academic achievement, more than half of our student body is engaged in learning a musical instrument, we have thirty different orchestras, bands, ensembles, choirs, theatre groups and one of the largest dance schools on the Gold Coast. In Sport, we annually produce large numbers of both State and National champions, whilst simultaneously maintaining an expansive ‘sport for all’ program. Emmanuel College offers a state-of-the-art, award-winning, technology-enriched learning environment.

Emmanuel College provides real-world opportunities for engaging in reflective community service and Christian service and mission, including our unique Connect Program. Our teachers are committed Christians from a wide range of churches and denominations. Our students are taught in an environment which emphasises Christian values and prepares them for living with integrity and high standards within all areas of their lives.

Gordon Johnstone
Acting Principal