Message from Head of Senior School

Welcome to the Senior School at Emmanuel College

Our commitment to teaching and learning in the Senior School in an encouraging environment is on display every day as young minds are guided with great care by our inspiring teachers who pursue a deep understanding of each student as they explore our dynamic world. Our College community values independent thinking and personal responsibility and we thoughtfully incorporate the Christian Faith, leadership training, personal development programs, sports and excellence in creative arts into our progressive, values-based, relevant, excellent curriculum and to complement the high level academic achievements of our students.

Our beautiful campus has state-of-the-art facilities including the latest IT and presentation systems, a superb Library, a lovely canteen with adjoining covered patio, gazebos, play and exploration areas, a beautiful old Chapel with a quiet garden, a magnificent Theatre, swimming pools, sports facilities with a gymnasium, specialised coaching and many other unique features to nurture creativity and support our Senior School students in their growth towards independence.

Emmanuel College provides numerous opportunities for our Senior School students to grow and to learn the virtues of Faith, Wisdom, Hope, Compassion, Justice, Self-control, Integrity and Courage. We provide strong pastoral care and we have a defined ideal Emmanuel College Graduate definition to which we aspire.

We are so proud of our students’ oustanding OP results. Our relatively small group of non-OP students continue to achieve excellent results whilst embarking on school-based apprenticeships. Our results are a source of pride as we are not an academically-selective school; we are behaviourally-selective. Mediocrity is not acceptable to students and staff at the College and we grade effort and conduct each term.

We invite you to visit us to discover why academic excellence is just one of the marks of life at Emmanuel College, Gold Coast.