Pastoral Care

The Emmanuel College pastoral care program is lead by our Directors of Student Welfare. It is a comprehensive program, developed with respect for the ages of the students from Prep through to Year 12. 

Our Pastoral Care program is designed to protect the rights of every individual child and to ensure somebody is always looking out for the needs of each child; emotional, academic, personal, relational and so on. This includes a College-wide commitment to meeting the full requirements of the law in regards to child protection. Emmanuel College has strong policies over all areas of child protection, abuse, at-risk children, bullying and harassment. Copies of these policies are accessible to current families in the resources section on Schoolbox. 

At Emmanuel College, we strongly believe that "no student has the right to make another student feel unsafe, or hinder them from doing their work." We are passionate about this and  we do as much as we can to ensure that we protect these rights. 

Our Pastoral Care team coordinate a range of camps, leadership programs, service mission opportunities (Connect Program), and a wide range of activities designed to build community in the life of the school.