Our Philosophy

Little e’s…Caring and Connecting

Understanding children and their learning in a rich environment where children are viewed as God’s creation.

To understand a child and their learning requires a holistic and collaborative approach:

  • It means we respect, highly value and desire to support every child who shares our learning environment, irrespective of their life circumstances and abilities. (Christian Ethos, NQF)
  • It means taking time to listen, to observe and to connect in order to co-construct learning. (EYLF, QKLG, Reggio Emilia, Howard Gardiner)
  • It requires the sharing of information with families and relevant others regarding children’s interests, abilities and knowledge to more effectively support each child to learn in the most natural way – there are 100 languages for a child. (Reggio Emilia, NQF)
  • It requires the documenting, assessing and reflecting on learning and practice. (EYLF, QKLG, Reggio Emilia, Lev Vygotsky, NQF)
  • It requires attention to all aspects of the learning space and the important role that a well-planned environment plays. (Reggio Emilia)
  • It requires connections with – staff, children, families, our local places, our community, our nation and our world.  This helps to ensure that children can understand what it is to be a citizen; with knowledge of culture, heritage and global themes such as sustainability and respect. (QKLG, EYLF, Reggio Emilia, Uri Bronfenbrenner)
  • It requires commitment to continual improvement, through professional development, research and critical assessment. (QKLG, EYLF)
  • It requires the commitment of educators who have a clearly defined personal philosophy and who work together as a strong team with a shared image of child. Our image of the child seems them as: Creative, Unique, Capable, Powerful and full of Potential. (Reggio Emilia)
  • It requires acknowledgement and advocacy for the important role of play. (Friedrich Froebel, EYLF, QKLG, NQF)
  • It requires that each child is heard. (QKLG, EYLF, NQF, Convention on Rights of the Child )

NQF – National Quality Framework
QKLG – Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines
EYLF – Early Years Learning Framework