Design Tech


  • Prep-3 students are taught Design Technology by a specialised teacher with one lesson per week
  • Years 4-6 students are taught Design and Digital Technology by a specialised teacher with one lesson per week
  • Studies in junior school include: user-centred design within technologies contexts, coding and robotics, design and computational thinking processes and management, collaboration skills and techniques, sketching and graphical communication, rapid prototyping with the use of emerging technologies such as laser cutting and 3D printing, materials understanding and manipulation. The Australian Curriculum is used for content and achievement standards.
  • Advanced academic courses in Graphics, Technology Studies, Engineering and Information Processing Technologies are available to students in Years 11-12
  • Year 10 have begun courses under the new QCE system, these include, Design, Engineering, Digital Solutions and Applied Technologies (ICT and ITS)
  • Regional, National and International tests and competitions are available for high achieving students
  • Years 7-9 are offered elective subjects in Design, Engineering and Digital Technologies, following the Australian Curriculum for Content and Achievement standards. These subjects are designed to scaffold students learning for the senior subjects offered.
  • Years 7-8 participate in STEM and Social Innovation core subject designed to teach Collaborative Problem Solving skills (also defined as 21st century skills), as well as giving students a platform to apply STEM subject knowledge and understanding in the creation solutions to real world problems. Industry professionals are invited to assist the students in understanding real-world processes in solution implementation.
  • The school has state of the art equipment and facilities to meet the needs of the subjects offered.
  • Year 8 Students Participate in a 3-day STEM camp.