EC Swim (Learn to Swim)

Our structured Swimming Program is designed to build the essential life skills of water safety and to develop strong, technically proficient swimmers, who are safer sooner, and who learn in a fun and engaging environment. 

  • Open to the General Public
  • Learn to Swim Lessons for 3 years & up
  • Before and after School times available
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  • Make-up lessons available
  • Small class numbers
  • Indoor heated pool on campus Child progression feedback
Enrolments for Term 1 2024 are now open.


Lessons are from $19.90 per lesson, with no admin fees. Classes will be charged per term (or pro rate if booked after term starts).


Not sure what level? View levels below or book in for a free Swimming Assessment:

Booking lessons

You can book lessons easily from our dedicated Website: 

For all enquiries regarding the Emmanuel College Learn to Swim Program please contact:

Aquatic Centre Manager - Ali Mitchell: or call 07 5561 4008.

Learn to Swim Health Fund Provider: To those parents who are members of the HCF Health Fund, Emmanuel's Learn to Swim program is registered as a provider with this Health Fund. You may be able to claim some benefit for the cost of Learn to Swim lessons. The provider number you will need for claims is A185477.

Family Discounts - 10% for 2nd sibling, 20% for 3rd sibling, 70% for 4th sibling.

Learn-to-Swim Levels



Water familiarization & water safety 

(20-30 min class - max 3 students)

The focus is on, increasing water confidence, safe entry/exits, breath control and submersion, floating, straight leg kicking and independent swimming to and from the wall/platform. 

On completion of this level the Swimmers will have good streamline body position and good kicking on their front and back. 

The ability to fall in deep water, turn and float on their back and paddle back to safety with assistance from the instructor.


Foundation Level

(30 min class - max 4 students)

The focus in this level will be Building a strong foundation to ensure we set our swimmer up for success. Continue to build on body position and developing a strong kick. 

On completion be able to push off the wall in a streamline have a good leg kick front and back for a minimum of 5m. Paddling using arms with good breath control for up to 5m. 

Swimmers will be able to jump into deep water rotate to float on their back and paddle back to safety.


Propulsion Level

(30 min class - max 4 students)

The focus for this level will be correct arm action, strong leg kick and breath control at an extended distance. 

On completion of this level the swimmer will be able to swim Freestyle arms for up to 6 arm strokes with good breath control and back kicking, with a flat body position. 

Independent back kicking for up to 6m.


Skill Development

(30 min class max 5 students)

The focus for this level is to extend the distance of freestyle and introducing freestyle breathing and timing. Introducing backstroke arms. 

On completion of this level swimmers will be able to swim 10m freestyle breathing on every 3rd stroke and 10m back stroke with good arm rotation and strong leg kick.


Stroke Correction & Skill Development

(30 min class - max 5 students)

The focus for this level will be to maintain the technique acquired in Turtle level over an extended distance for freestyle and backstroke. Introduction of Breaststroke legs. 

On completion of this level the swimmer will be able to Swim correct freestyle and Backstroke for 15m. Breaststroke legs with sculling arms for 15m.


Advance Swimming

(45min class - max 6 students)

The focus will be to extending the swimmers freestyle and backstroke skills, also Introducing Breaststroke arms, breathing and timing. 

On completion of this level the swimmer will be able to swim correct freestyle and Backstroke for 30m. Breaststroke with a strong kick and glide and good arms and timing for 15m with the extra time in the water this level will also build basic endurance.


Advanced - Mini Squad

(60 min class - max 8 students)  

This level is an introduction and preparing our swimmers for our squad program with the additional time in the water swimmers will enhance their skills in Freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke while being introduced to butterfly.

On completion of this level the swimmer will build basic endurance and will be able to swim fluid freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke for 30m. 

Learning swim training etiquette, starts and turns.