Year 10 Students making a Positive Impact

Recently a group of Year 10 Emmanuel students created an incredible artwork as part of Emmanuel's Positive Education program. The Art Project involved a group of 22 Year 10 girls, along with one of our Year 12 students, designing and completing a mural for the carpark of the Genesis Cancer Treatment Centre. The project came about as a response to patient feedback that driving into the sterile, concrete carpark to attend their treatment had a negative impact on them. The intention of the mural was to develop something bright and beautiful to change that experience of entering the carpark.

Following the design process, the girls gave up their first day of holidays to complete the painting of the mural. The mural has a special significance for Emmanuel, because it is the treatment centre that Rowen Dick attended and, with his family's input, a tribute to him is included in the painting (a silhouette of him standing on the beach).

Building on the strong culture Emmanuel already has of service and civic responsibility, the Positive Purpose Project was an opportunity for students to develop their own plan to make a positive contribution to others. By encouraging students to engage in projects to help others, along with the opportunity to reflect on the meaning and impact of these, the Positive Purpose Project provides an important link between faith and Positive Education. There were a range of projects completed last term which we hope to share with you throughout this term.