Prep Year

The Preparatory Year at Emmanuel College prepares students for the more formal learning years. A hands-on, multi-sensory approach is used to provide a rich, fun-filled learning environment and encouragement of love of language, literacy and numeracy. Our Prep program also focuses on physical development through a variety of age-appropriate activities and programs. 

At Emmanuel College, we value the development of the whole child. Our exciting Prep program ensures each child is recognised as a unique individual created by God. We endeavour to make every child feel genuinely valued and accepted, respecting each other as they play and learn together. Each child has special qualities to be encouraged and developed in a loving, caring environment. 

Early Language, Literacy and Numeracy Development

The Emmanuel College Preparatory Year has a strong emphasis on language, literacy and numeracy development. The curriculum covers: 

  • visual perception
  • auditory perception
  • speaking and listening
  • thinking and predicting
  • comprehension
  • phonics
  • sight words
  • guided reading
  • early readers
  • handwriting
  • story writing
  • maths concepts
  • numeracy and problem solving
  • computer skills

Physical Development

Physical development is nurtured with a variety of activities including:

  • art and craft activities to develop fine motor skills
  • Perceptual Motor Program
  • physical education classes
  • swimming lessons

Development of the Whole Child

Our positive culture at Emmanuel College helps to encourage the development of each child’s social skills and to nurture and build the foundations of the “whole child”. Our Prep program focuses on: 

  • developing self-esteem and confidence
  • encouraging positive relationships with peers and adults
  • coping emotionally with a variety of situations
  • fostering independence and responsibility for own actions
  • accepting rules and limits
  • persevering in completing tasks
  • appreciating God’s love and care for them and others
  • promoting the development of conflict resolution skills

These skills are further developed through the Prep student involvement in wider school activities, including: 

  • whole school assemblies
  • chapel services
  • fun runs
  • athletics carnivals
  • swimming carnivals
  • ‘fun evening’ at school
  • excursions
  • grandparent’s morning