Alumni India Trip - January 2018

It was a privilege to join with Emmanuel College Alumni on their most recent trip to India. It was also a wonderful opportunity to visit the new school which Emmanuel College raised funds to build in 2016 and to learn more about the Institute for Indian Mother and Child (IIMC). We all had an amazing experience being able to view first-hand the impact that the school has had on the children and the community.

IIMC enabled us to serve in their health care centres, meet sponsored children and their parents, visit schools and homes for orphaned and handicapped children and meet with women living in rural areas who have benefitted from their micro credit loans, which all provided such wonderful insight into the work that the IIMC do. They have a vision that

through education we can change a community, and that injustice and poverty can be removed.

This was a life-changing trip for me as it was something I had never planned on doing, but I can say it’s impact will stay with me forever. I would encourage anyone to consider participating in and contributing to future Alumni endeavours.

Kristy Green – Class of ‘95