Terms and Conditions

  • Please note that One semester's fees (2 complete school terms) must be paid IN FULL on registration. 
    • There are 32 weeks of tuition each year, 16 weeks in Semester 1 and 16 weeks in Semester 2.  
    • Semester 1 commences in Week 2 of Term 1 and Semester 2 commences in Week 1 of Term 3.  
  • Enrolments cannot be accepted without full payment. Students must enrol for the full duration of the Semester.
  • There is no refund except for extraordinary circumstances.
  • It is the responsibility of the student or parent to notify the tutor prior to 7.30am of the lesson day if the student is unable to attend a lesson due to illness. 24 hours notice must be given for any other planned absence. 
  • If a student is absent due to school excursion or carnivals, these lessons will be 'made up' during or at the completion of the semester. 
  • It is expected that Parents will maintain appropriate contact with the tutor in regard to the progress of their child.