Emmanuel P&F

The Emmanuel P&F has been established with two very simple aims:

  • To be a platform for the establishment of new and long-term friendships
  • To provide an opportunity for parents/guardians to instigate and become involved in various events, functions and interest groups.

In the past, events and interest groups have run throughout the year, and have included such things as Exercise Groups, Golf Days, Sports Lunches, Trivia Nights and so on. Our current events include our Business Breakfasts and the Mothers’ Day Luncheon. These events are run by parents for parents, and we would love to be able to support more such events (possibly something for Fathers Day or Christmas?)

Therefore, we invite you to email any ideas to us or maybe you might like to volunteer to help out with another person’s idea. Alternatively, you might like to join us on our Facilitation Committee, whose role it is to look at proposals, calendar them (if they are possible) and then liaise with those who have put forward ideas. If so, please advise us by email to ltregoning@emmanuel.qld.edu.au.

We hope you can join us in reinforcing the sense of community that surrounds our College, and look forward to hearing your ideas