Year 12 Results

Please find below a summary of our Year 12 results

2013 Year 12 OP 2013 Year 12 OP (65 KB)

2012 Year 12 OP 2012 Year 12 OP (11 KB)

2011 Year 12 OP 2011 Year 12 OP (259 KB)

Parent comment: "I love this school for its broad offerings in so many areas, and the character that it brings out in children. I love the fact that they are happy at school. Emmanuel is a highly academic school but it is many other things as well. I am convinced that children will do as well academically at Emmanuel as in any other school on the Gold Coast, but they will get so much more besides."

We are aware that building a close partnership with students and their parents is essential in being a College of excellence.