Emmanuel Senior School Athletics team claims APS Title!

Emmanuel Senior School Athletics team claims APS Title!

Aug 13 - Our Emmanuel Athletics team has done it again, winning our 3rd APS title in the last 4 years, with a superb team performance at Griffith Uni today.

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The Journey 

In 2009, Emmanuel College launched The Journey program. The Journey is designed to aid our students in establishing and developing essential values and virtues, and to develop the strong character traits essential for a successful life.

Since then, we have seen the powerful impact The Journey has had on our students in terms of character development and their desire to embody the values of the ideal Emmanuel Graduate:

The Emmanuel Graduate ought to be: A compassionate human being, unafraid to be, competent and willing to navigate life using their moral compass to make wise and just choices; a strategic participant in a global setting, a person of faith and integrity, aware of an eternal destiny.  

Accompanying The Journey is the Emmanuel Compass; a prominent symbol displayed and referenced throughout the College. The Compass represents the essential character traits our students seek to develop to find the best direction for their lives.

Emmanuel College staff are committed to embedding these essential character traits across our curriculum and in our co-curricular programs. We intend for our students both to be directly aware of, and also subject to the cumulative effect of years of practice of these character traits.

We are confident that this program will continue to have long term positive impacts on our school.