Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Some opportunities, like the Junior School FRIENDS program are woven into the curriculum whilst others like the Year 8 Compass, the Year 9 Response, the Year 10 Journey and the Year 11 Mentoring programs are voluntary. They are all, if I’m honest, quite remarkable. These programs are an integral part of the education on offer here, and I would encourage you to talk to your children about joining in.

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Emmanuel Senior School Athletics team claims APS Title!

Emmanuel Senior School Athletics team claims APS Title!

Aug 13 - Our Emmanuel Athletics team has done it again, winning our 3rd APS title in the last 4 years, with a superb team performance at Griffith Uni today.

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Scholarship Information

Thank you for your interest in Scholarships at Emmanuel College.

Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholarships are offered to students commencing in Years 4, 7 and 10.  A limited number of scholarships are awarded and are for a three year fixed period. 

Scholarship exams will take place at our Open Day Saturday 11 February 2017.  Students being considered for award of a scholarship for 2018 will require an interview as part of the normal process for enrolment. 

Please note: An application for a scholarship will not guarantee an interview.

Academic Scholarships - Year 7 and Year 10 2018

Registrations for Academic Scholarships - Year 7 and Year 10 2018 are now closed. 

Academic Scholarships - Year 4 2018

Registrations for Academic Scholarships - Year 4 2018 are now closed. 

Music Scholarships

Registrations for Music Scholarships for 2018 are now closed.

Pre-requisites for Music Scholarship Auditions

Students who perform on their chosen instrument at an exceptional level for their age will be considered first.  The minimum AMEB or equivalent level, or relative ability, to be chosen to sit for a scholarship audition for entry into Year 5 to Year 8 is as follows:

  • PIANO                                   Grade 5 AMEB or equivalent level
  • BAND INSTRUMENTS         Grade 3 AMEB or equivalent level
  • VIOLIN, VIOLA, CELLO        Grade 3 AMEB or equivalent level
  • DOUBLE BASS                     Grade 3 AMEB or equivalent level
  • VOICE                                   Grade 2 AMEB or equivalent level
  • GUITAR, DRUM KIT              N/A

For students in Year 9 to Year 12 – the addition of one Music Grade per year level will give an appropriate level for the consideration of an audition offer.

Students with particular gifting or ability who do not fall into the categories above should contact the Head of Senior Music Mr Andrew Tuppen to discuss the possibility of an audition.

Audition Requirements

The Music Scholarship audition is specifically designed to assess the candidate’s current level of musicianship and technical proficiency on their chosen instrument.  Candidates applying for a Music Scholarship in 2018 are advised of the following requirements if requested to audition.

1.    Candidates are to perform two contrasting pieces (10 minutes maximum).

Each piece should adequately reflect the technical ability of the candidate on their chosen instrument. An accompanist may be used, however this is not mandatory.  Backing tracks may also be used to assist the performance.

The criteria used to assess candidates in performance are:

  • Literacy -The ability to read the musical score. Candidates will be assessed on their ability to accurately present: notation, metre, tempi, dynamics, phrasing and fluency.
  • Technique - The ability to display technical proficiency: Candidates will be assessed on their technical ability on the instrument and the clarity of sound produced.
  • Interpretation – The ability to communicate the style and character of the music.

2.    Candidates will be required to undertake a sight-playing test (3 minutes).

The sight-playing test will require candidates to play an excerpt of an unseen piece of a maximum of 16 bars.  Candidates will be given two minutes to peruse and practice prior to playing the excerpt.  Note:  Candidates will be given an excerpt which best suits their current level of musicianship and/or performing ability.

Candidates will be assessed on their ability to accurately perform the excerpt (see criteria for performance).

3.   Candidates will be required to undertake an aural test (3 minutes).

The aural test is designed to assess the candidate’s ability to accurately identify or imitate sound through aural means.  The aural test may assess candidates as follows:

  • Chord recognition: Major, minor.
  • Identify and imitate rhythmic and melodic patterns (1-2 bars).
  • Pitch recognition.

For the purpose of the audition the College will provide the following equipment:

  • Piano
  • CD player
  • Music stands

For any further assistance with  your Scholarship application, please contact the Enrolments Registrar:

Marianne Beverland
(07) 5561 4021