2014 Back to School 

Commencement Letters

Principal's message - Welcome to the New Year of 2014 Principal's message - Welcome to the New Year of 2014 (544 KB)


Junior School - Friday 24 January 2014: Only newly enrolled students attend.
Prep students' appointments as notified on 28, 29 or 30 January 2014 with all Prep students commencing on Friday 31 January 2014.

Commencement and Orientation details for Junior School - January 2014             
Year 7 Orientation Day 2014                                                                              
Peer Support Program information for 2014 Year 11

Senior School  - Friday 24 January 2014: With reference to arrangements for 2014 all Year 7 and Year 12 students, Year 11 Peer Support and other newly enrolled students in Years 8 - 12 will commence on Friday 24 January 2014.  Students will be required to wear school uniform on this day, except for Year 11 students who are required to wear their Sports Uniform. Year 7 students will attend from 8.30am to 3.00pm and newly enrolled students in Years 8 - 12 will attend from 8.30am to 10.00am.  School resumes for all Senior School students at 8.30am on Tuesday 28 January 2014.

Junior School Gifted and Talented Programs

2014 DL Calendar 

Fees Schedule 2014 Fees Schedule 2014 (41 KB)

2014 Fitness classes for Emmanuel parents and friends - With Mark Richardson, Emmanuel Gym supervisor

College Shop & Text Hire

College Shop Hours - December 2013 & January 2014 
2014 College Shop Uniform Sales - Senior School
Uniform Price List for Junior School
Uniform Price List for Senior School
Uniform Update Prep - Year 3
Text Hire Policy - Year 7 2014 
Text Hire Policy - 2014
Year 7 Text Book Hire Form
Year 8 Text Book Hire Form 
Year 9 Text Book Hire Form 
Year 10 Text Book Hire Form
Year 11 Text Book Hire Form 
Year 12 Text Book Hire Form
Year 7 Booklist 2014 
Year 8 Booklist 2014
Year 9 Booklist 2014 
Year 10 Booklist 2014 
Year 11 Booklist 2014 
Year 12 Booklist 2014

Lunch Box Cafe Menu for 2014 

Canteen Menu 2014

Q & A's on Tuckshop - please click on the question for the answer

Q. How do I pay for an on-line order?
A. Flexischools ordering and payments is the preferred option (Register on www.flexischools.com.au). Another option is to place your money in an envelope with your child's name, class and "on-line order" written clearly on it and we will put the order with payment together in the canteen.
Q. Are preppies allowed hot or frozen food?
A. No. Their lunch box is collected while the children are at either swimming or chapel and therefore the food would either go cold or will be defrosted.
Q. Can I pay by EFTPOS
A. Not at the moment but Flexischools ordering is another option (Register on www.flexischools.com.au)
Q. My child has left their lunch at home, what can be done?
A. Children can ask student services for a voucher which can be used in the canteen. Parents then repay student services.
Q. How do I place a tuckshop order?
A. Flexischools ordering is the preferred option (register on www.flexischools.com.au ). Another option is to  fill in the bags provided in the blue lunch boxes or on a brown paper bag. Please write your child’s name clearly, class and lunch order. Please do not use staples or sticky tape to seal bags. Also ensure that there is sufficient money to fill the order as children are disappointed when they miss out on their treat.

Open Day 2014 - Saturday 8 February, 9am-11.30am

Open Day brochure 2014


2014 Learn to Swim Brochure
2014 Swim Squad & LTS Details                

2014 Swim Squads Application
2014 EC Sports Calendar                
2014 Hinterland District Convenors and Trial Dates
Christmas Holiday Tennis Fun Camps

PERFORMING ARTS - Music, Dance, Speech & Drama
Existing families can click here for online co-curricular Music and Speech & Drama tuition registration and payments.

New families to the College are required to download the relevant form from the list below for enrolment and payment.
2014 Co-curricular Music Program
2014 Co-curricular Speech & Drama Program 
2014 Dance Info Form
2014 Dance Rego Form
2014 Instrumental & Voice Rego Form
2014 Rare Instrument Brochure & Rego Form
2014 Speech & Drama Rego Form            
2014 Yr 3 String Handbook
2014 Yr 5 Instrumental Music Handbook

Academic Tutoring Program in 2014
2014 Academic Tutoring Flyer