Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Some opportunities, like the Junior School FRIENDS program are woven into the curriculum whilst others like the Year 8 Compass, the Year 9 Response, the Year 10 Journey and the Year 11 Mentoring programs are voluntary. They are all, if I’m honest, quite remarkable. These programs are an integral part of the education on offer here, and I would encourage you to talk to your children about joining in.

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Emmanuel Senior School Athletics team claims APS Title!

Emmanuel Senior School Athletics team claims APS Title!

Aug 13 - Our Emmanuel Athletics team has done it again, winning our 3rd APS title in the last 4 years, with a superb team performance at Griffith Uni today.

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Police Patrols helping Keep Children Safe

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The Police will be focussing on traffic and parking around Emmanuel College for the next two weeks.

Please peruse the following information that they have provided as a courtesy to our College Community.

Details of the two-week operation can be found after the ‘Keeping our Children Safe’ message.

Keeping Our Children Safe

Across the Gold Coast District, police are regularly contacted by schools and concerned parents in relation to inappropriate driving and behaviours around school zones. Speed limits, drop-off and pick-up areas and parking rules exist to keep your children, parents and carers safe. They also help to minimise speed and traffic jams around schools. Whilst we appreciate that the drop-off and pick-up is a particularly busy time of day, it does not excuse dangerous behaviour that could come with fatal consequences. 

Gold Coast Police are constantly patrolling our school zones. Some of the offences that have been witnessed include parents stopping in the middle of the road (double parking) and allowing children to get out of the vehicle, u-turns over double white lines into on-coming traffic, running red lights, speeding, unrestrained children, and road rage (use of offensive language whilst children are in the vehicle).

Over the next few weeks you will see an increase in High Visibility Traffic Patrols.  We are keeping our roads safe by performing proactive and targeted traffic enforcement in relation to all school zones on the Gold Coast. So, remember the road rules and don’t break them just to save a few extra minutes.  The consequences will be with you for the rest of your life. 

The information below outlines some of the penalties which apply to traffic offences that are currently occurring within your school zone. 

School zone times have been standardised in Queensland to help motorists remember when to slow down. The standard operating times for your school zones is 7–9am and 2–4pm.

<13km over the speed limit $151 and 1 point
13-20km over the speed limit $227 and 3 points
21-30km over the speed limit $379 and 4 points
31-40km over the speed limit $531 and 6 points
41km and over the speed limit $1062 and 8 points

Make sure to take extra care when parking on school grounds and on the roads and streets around the school and follow the signed parking rules at all times.  Most schools are around residential areas so please be courteous and respectful to these people by not parking over their driveways.
Stop across Footpath $45
Stop contrary to flow of traffic $45
Double Parking $45
Stop Contrary to continuous yellow line $45

Seatbelts – As the parent, you are responsible for your child having their seatbelts on and if required, the correct car seat.   Penalties for not wearing a seatbelt is $341 and 3 points.  If your child is under 16 and is not wearing a seatbelt, you get the ticket. 
U-turns – Illegal u-turns when not signed to do so - $91 and 2 points
Red Traffic Light - $341 and 3 points
Cross Double Lines - $204 and 3 points
Disorderly conduct - $341

Details of Queensland Police’s Emmanuel College Parking and Traffic Operation:

27th April to 1st May - Education and Proactive Week

(Safety on a bike is what we like!)

During this week, we envisage attending each school (either before or after school) to reward students for good traffic behaviour, be it wearing bike helmets, using the crossing, exiting the vehicle on the footpath side etc.  We have been supported by McDonald’s for this operation and have Healthy Choice Option vouchers and stickers to hand out. 

At the same time, we will be talking to parents in relation to good driving behaviour around school zones.  Correct procedures for parking etc and educating them on driving offences.  (In saying that any life endangering offences will be dealt with accordingly).

So, the police will be out and about so make sure you are doing the right thing and for the students - you may get rewarded!!

4th to 8th May - Enforcement Week

(Drive as if every child on the street were your own!)

During this week we will have officers specifically tasked to attend your school zones and enforce all road rules and regulations. Parents have been informed and educated through our articles in your College communication channels, speaking to the College community and emphasising our traffic rules in the Education week (27/4-1/5). As such, this 4-8 May week, tickets will be issued to all drivers committing offences. We hope you support this operation and together we can make a difference in driver’s behaviour around school zones on the Gold Coast and keep our children safe.