Emmanuel Senior School Athletics team claims APS Title!

Emmanuel Senior School Athletics team claims APS Title!

Aug 13 - Our Emmanuel Athletics team has done it again, winning our 3rd APS title in the last 4 years, with a superb team performance at Griffith Uni today.

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Application Process

Thank you for your interest in enrolling at Emmanuel College.

At Emmanuel College it is our intention to offer places to those families and students whom we think will best benefit from our school environment.

Our school has a studious and happy culture, where there is widespread respect for one another and a willingness to support the ethos of the College in every way. Our students are willing to serve their community, to commit themselves to high standards of Presentation, Conduct and Effort, and commit to maintaining an environment where all people are valued and respected.

We are not a selective school academically, but we are unapologetic about being highly selective behaviourally. We seek to enrol students who are willing to try hard to succeed and who show genuine character and willingness to contribute to the life of the College.

We are a Christian school. This does not mean that we only enrol people committed to the Christian faith. We have students from many different faiths, and some from non-faith backgrounds. However, we require all students and families to recognise that we are a Christian school, and to respect and support that ethos.

While we do not guarantee a place for siblings, we give preference to siblings, where an older sibling is already enrolled.

Below is an explanation of the process for applying for the enrolment of a student at Emmanuel College. If you have any questions about this process, please contact our Enrolments Registrar:

Marianne Beverland
(07) 5561 4021

Intention to Apply for Enrolment

Applicable ONLY to students commencing Prep, Year 4 or Year 7 from 2017 onwards.  For all other entry levels please see the 'Application for Enrolment' below.

Please complete the Intention to Apply for Enrolment form. This is a one page form with no lodgement fee.

Once lodged:

  • You will receive written confirmation that your child’s name has been placed on the waiting list.
  • We will attempt to contact you (usually via post) in the year prior to enrolment to confirm your continued interest and to ask you to complete an Application for Enrolment form as outlined below. If you do not advise us of changes in your address/contact details, we may not be able to contact you and the Intention to Apply will be deemed to have lapsed.
  • Interviews are generally held at any time in the twelve months before the due starting date. The College endeavours to confirm the majority of our offers of places by July of the previous year. Please note that we do not guarantee to interview every applicant as there are generally many more applications than available places.

Application for Enrolment

This is applicable for students who desire to commence at Emmanuel College in all Year levels as well as Prep, Year 4 and Year 7 applicants in 2015.

Please Note:  Families wanting to enrol siblings into Prep, Year 4 and Year 7 2016, must have their applications in to Emmanuel College by Tuesday 3 February 2015.

Step 1

Please complete both of the Application for Enrolment forms:

Application for Enrolment - Part 1
Application for Enrolment - Part 2

Enrolment Form - Part 1
Part 1 of the Enrolment Form requires the provision of personal and family details, some of which is required by the Commonwealth Government for collection on their behalf. Please ensure all required materials and documentation are included in your submission.

Enrolment Form - Part 2
Part 2 of the Application for Enrolment Form contains summaries of the College’s major policies. Please note that these are summaries only, and full versions are available from the College on request. Submission of Part 1 will be taken as an acknowledgement that you have read and noted the information contained in these policies.

If you have any queries regarding these policies, please contact the Enrolments Registrar.

Both completed forms must be submitted with the application fee* of $77.00 (including GST)

Payment can be made by cheque drawn to the school or by direct transfer:

   Emmanuel College
   Commonwealth Bank
   BSB 064-445 Account No 10175051
   Please identify your payment with your child’s full name.

*The application fee pays for the administration of the enrolment process. This application fee will not be refunded if an enrolment application is unsuccessful.

Please submit your application to the Enrolments Registrar:

Marianne Beverland
(07) 5561 4021

Step 2

The Principal or Principal’s Delegate will assess Enrolment Applications. Not all applicants will be offered an interview, as there are generally many more applications than available places. Full details of the management of this process is outlined in Part 2 of the Enrolment Form.

If you are to be offered an interview, you will be contacted to arrange a date and time.  Interviews with potential students should be accompanied by one or both parents or carers. Please bring as much information as you feel will be beneficial to your application to your interview. The interviewer will be interested in learning as much as possible about the student’s capacity for learning, and how well we feel the student and family will fit into the culture of our College.

Step 3

If your application and interview is successful, we will confirm your offer in writing and give you an opportunity to respond within a set period of time. If you do not respond within that period, the place may be offered to another student.

Written notification of a place is the only official notification on which you should rely. This offer will only be secured upon the return of your signed Enrolment Contract with payment of the Enrolment Fee and Capital Contribution.

Payments Required at Confirmation of Enrolment*

Acceptance of Offer of Enrolment Fee:  $100 per student

Initial Capital Contribution:

$600 for the first child
$400 for the second child
$Nil for all subsequent children

Please note: the contract is completed when the contract form (signed by the College) is returned to us, signed by all relevant parties (usually two parents/guardians).

*These are non-refundable fees in the event that you subsequently decide not to proceed with the enrolment, after you have accepted it. In cases of family emergency or extreme hardship you may make a request for a compassionate consideration in regard to a refund, which the College will consider, but not necessarily accept.